The 3 Limiting Beliefs

Blocking You From Abundance With Printables On Etsy

...and how to remove them

Discover and remove the beliefs that are holding you back from creating a new income stream through printables, and start leveraging your unique skills to earn passive income, live your passion, and feel on-purpose.

****Times are in Pacific Time***

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn about:


The major mindset shifts

that all successful printables sellers adopt as they begin to make passive income through printables.


The most effective design software programs  

that will allow you to produce professional results, but won’t break the bank.


The three types of files

your customers will expect from their downloadable files.

This Masterclass is a must if…

You’re a soon-to-be

printables creator who

wants to launch your Etsy shop right from the start.

You're a burnt out party decorations designer who’s wondering if printables is the better option for you.

You want to learn exactly how and what you need to create in order to produce professional printables that customers will love.

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YOUR Printables Game is about to change in a BIG Way.

Whether you’ve been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the “right time” to create and launch your Etsy printables shop, or yearning to ditch your Etsy handmade business for a more passive income approach…this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. 

So much of the success of a Printables Business is tied to your mindset, and there’s nothing but room at the top for printable designers who are prepared to do the inner work in order to hear CHA-CHING.

Join me to get fully inspired on what it takes to build, launch, and grow a successful Etsy Printables shop.

Lindsay Ashworth

I started creating printable party decorations after I felt the burnout from a successful Cricut-made party decorations business.

Now, with 8,000 Etsy sales and counting, I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful passive income printables designer. Spoiler alert! It includes both tactical AND mindset skills.

This brand new masterclass outlines the exact limiting beliefs that I personally had to remove before I became successful as a printables seller on Etsy. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned so you can do it too.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally build and launch your Etsy printables shop, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get there faster and more profitably.

See you there!


Reserve your seat now!

****Times are in Pacific Time***

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